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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


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Do I need to provide a prescription?

All orders require an original or faxed doctor’s prescription

Why do I have to fill out an Order Form?

Our pharmacy requires the information. In particular, the medication that you are using. They want
to be sure there are no drug interaction between what you are ordering and the medication you are
currently taking.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once we receive your Order Form and prescription(s) it takes 2-4 weeks (usually 3 weeks) for the
medication to be delivered to your home.

Can the order be sent with express delivery?

Unfortunately, international express deliveries of medications usually end up in U.S. Customs.
It can take up to 10 days for them to get to and approve your shipment. It often takes longer
than our normal shipping procedure.

What if I have two addresses (such as a vacation address)?

Just let us know where you will be for your shipment delivery.

Where are the medications made?

SavOn Global Meds is not a pharmacy and does not dispense medications. Our pharmacy processes
orders to find the lowest drug prices among approved and licensed pharmacies filling medications
from Australia, Canada, Great Britain (UK), India, New Zealand and Turkey.

Why do you order three months of medication?

There are tremendous savings by ordering a larger quantity. And, you need to have a sufficient
amount of product available when you are ready to refill your medication.

Are there any medications I can’t order?

We do not handle any refrigerated diabetic medications. Nor, any diabetic supplies. We do not handle
any controlled drugs, nor sleeping aids.

How do I get a refill?

To refill an order is easy. Just call or e-mail us when you’re down to a month’s supply. We’ll let you know
if you have refills remaining and confirm the price. After that, all we need is your payment. If we
don’t hear from you, we will call, e-mail or write you with a refill reminder.

What if I do not receive my order?

Call us if you haven’t received your order within 4 weeks. A reshipment will be placed at no
additional charge, to you if your order is lost in the mail.