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HIV Meds

HIV Medications

We carry a full line of HIV medications. Our generic HIV medications, which
many are not sold here in the U.S, offer tremendous savings over the branded versions.
Below is a sample of prices for selected medications for a three months supply.

Availability of Medications

Qnty Brand Generic
Atripla 600/200/300mg 90t Avail. $410
Combivir 150/300mg 180t …. $146
Crixivan 400mg 360t …. $375
Epivir 150mg 180t Avail $182
Norvir 100mg 180t $429 $295
Retrovir 300mg 180t …. $229
Sustiva 600mg 90t $557 Avail.
Truvada 200/300mg 90t Avail. $231
Viread 245mg 90t $730 Avail.
Ziagen 300mg 180t Avail. $385


Call or e-mail us for prices or dosages not shown above.